Efforts Blessed

My heart’s completely there – as much as a heart can be there when so exhausted.  I read my scriptures, I do.  I pick up a Book of Mormon and read it.  As I have been preparing for this year’s homeschool, something in the scriptures stood out to me. I underlined it and marked it up.

Later, remembering the stirring I felt from that particular part I tried to return to it.  I picked up the Book of Mormon I thought I had been reading and realized, no that wasn’t it.. and who is Tanner and why do I have his scriptures? Sorry Tanner!  I located another… no luck.  Starting to feel like a remake of Goldilocks and the Three Bears was underway, I knew the next one must be it.  It wasn’t.  Who knew I had been studying from 4 different books!

But, I really believe that God blesses our efforts.  I decided to turn to the same passage in each book and compare my notes.  It was clear to me that the spirit was helping me see this story in a personal way.  I began to see King Benjamin as a teacher.  I learned that he used the help of like-minded people, devoted his body and soul and relied on the guidance of prophets.  Mosiah 1:18

The words “teach” or “taught” throughout the following chapter stood out to me and the spirit calmed my anxious nag.  I was reminded that with God all things are possible and He will show me how little by little.

So, with 4 Books of Mormon in hand and relying on the spirit to guide and comfort me, we are almost off to another year of learning from home, where that bed will never be made again.








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